72+ Tree Of Life Tattoo Design for Men & Women

Are you looking for beautiful tattoos inspired by nature? According to many artists, the Celtic tree of life uses in different types of decorations as well as in tattoos. Tree of Life is one of the most beautiful tattoos which have a great inner meaning in almost all cultures. As a tattoo, the Tree of Life has many different meanings. It can represent the world’s origins, life, and rebirth and also immortality.

Tree Of Life Tattoo Design

Forest is a prominent example, how nature balancing the different objects in different fields with protecting its harmony. Sometimes the falling leaves and fresh leaves belong in one frame which refers to the life circle of the planet.

Tree of Life Tattoos – Importance

In the ancient Celt’s language, the Tree of Life was known as “crann bethadh” which means ‘blessed with some special power’. They cleared a piece of land beneath the tree and took shelter for their safety. According to their belief, it was the blessing of nature.

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The origin of “Tree of Life” Tattoo

The symbol of the tree of life adopted in many enriched cultures in several parts of the world. In various religions and philosophies, the meaning of this tattoo differs. In North Germany, ancient Norse mythology belonged many years ago. In this Norse mythology, there was an ash tree that was known as Yggdrasil that connects the nine dimensions of the world. They believed a wide trunk, many branches, and roots formed a pathway that is used to connect with the god and those nine dimensions.

According to the Zoroastrianism of ancient Iran, there was a tree that protected humans from the bad effect of hell. That tree has special properties which can easily resurrect died person and give immortality. Buddhists believe that pupil tree is the holiest icon in their religious aspect. Under a pupil tree, Lord Buddha was enlightened so they considered this tree as “Bodhi Tree”.

Hinduism is one of the most ancient running religions in the world. In Hindu mythology, the tree of life is known as “Kalpa-briksha”. One can fulfill his mortal or immortal wishes in front of this tree. Christians believe that the tree of life symbolizes the purity and sanctity of God’s dominion. Heavenly spirit always protects this tree from the time of first mankind Adam and Eve.

A tattoo Tree of Life is very popular among mankind as it represents aspects such as knowledge, prosperity, security, sanctity, power, and eternity. To develop its design many artists include roots, leaves, and various colors to make it attractive.

The different parts of Tree of Life tattoos symbolize different meanings:

  • Its Root refer: The root that can represent the deeper connection with the past. It also symbolizes compact supports and good nourishment. In this case, roots may mean that the tattooed person is associated with their history, ancestors, or families. It can also indicate that the tattooed person feels secure and well-rooted.
  • Leaves refer to: Leaves usually refer to the new encouragement of life, rebirth, and also the freshness of life. Fresh and young leaves mostly used to say the growth of life on the other hand, mature and falling leaves reflect the negative impact such as death.
  • Its branches refer: Bare branches have something rather vulnerable and fragile that invokes the cold and darkness of winter. It refers to the harsh reality of life and encourages accepting the challenge. Sometimes, Olive branches symbolized an attempt to repair a broken relationship and also a desire for peace.

Best Places to Have Tree of Life Tattoo:

Just like the special significance of this tattoo, it is also very important for you that where you place it. You can make a Tree of Life Tattoo on your wrist, arms, shoulder, back, thighs, chest, legs, and more places.

1. On your back: If you want to make a Tree of Life tattoo in a broad place, you can utilize your backside.

Back Tattoo design 1

Back Tattoo design 2

Back Tattoo design 3

Back Tattoo design 4

Back Tattoo design 5

Back Tattoo design 6

Back Tattoo design 7

Back Tattoo design 8

Back Tattoo design 9

Back Tattoo design 10

Back Tattoo design 11

Back Tattoo design 12

Back Tattoo design 13

Back Tattoo design 14

Back Tattoo design 15

2. On your ribs: The ribs have plenty of space for bigger this kind of design.

Ribs Tattoo design 1

Ribs Tattoo design 2

Ribs Tattoo design 3

Ribs Tattoo design 4

Ribs Tattoo design 5

Ribs Tattoo design 6

Ribs Tattoo design 7

Ribs Tattoo design 8

Ribs Tattoo design 9

Ribs Tattoo design 10

Ribs Tattoo design 11

Ribs Tattoo design 12

Ribs Tattoo design 13

Ribs Tattoo design 14

Ribs Tattoo design 15

3. On your legs: Leg is the best alternative for those, who are avoiding using their hand for tattoo canvas.

Legs Tattoo design 1

Legs Tattoo design 2

Legs Tattoo design 3

Legs Tattoo design 4

Legs Tattoo design 5

Legs Tattoo design 6

Legs Tattoo design 7

Legs Tattoo design 8

Legs Tattoo design 9

Legs Tattoo design 10

Legs Tattoo design 11

Legs Tattoo design 12

Legs Tattoo design 13

Legs Tattoo design 14

Legs Tattoo design 15

4. On your Chest: If you are a male candidate then you can use your chest to make a Tree of Life tattoo. We think it will be another best option for you.

Chest Tattoo design 1

Chest Tattoo design 2

Chest Tattoo design 3

Chest Tattoo design 4

Chest Tattoo design 5

Chest Tattoo design 6

Chest Tattoo design 7

Chest Tattoo design 8

Chest Tattoo design 9

Chest Tattoo design 10

Chest Tattoo design 11

Chest Tattoo design 12

5. On your forearms shoulders: While these body parts may not be as simple as the back or chest, a Tree of life design can still be achieved on the arms. You should know that it can also be easily revealed or concealed if required.

 Forearms Shoulders Tattoo design 1

 Forearms Shoulders Tattoo design 2

 Forearms Shoulders Tattoo design 3

 Forearms Shoulders Tattoo design 4

 Forearms Shoulders Tattoo design 5

 Forearms Shoulders Tattoo design 6

 Forearms Shoulders Tattoo design 7

 Forearms Shoulders Tattoo design 8

 Forearms Shoulders Tattoo design 9

 Forearms Shoulders Tattoo design 10

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