Instagram Story Viewer – How to View & Download? allows you to view secretly and download any stories on Instagram from users who are public. This tool is very useful and easy to use. You simply need to add the username of the profile whose story you want to view. You can view anyone’s story and the person will never come to know that you viewed his or her story.

Instagram Story Viewer – Using Guide

Instagram Story Viewer

The process to use this tool is very simple; there are many people who want to know how this tool works. For visitors who do not know anything about the technology of the site must know that there are few steps to be followed by them and those steps are as follows:

Step 1: Username must be inserted and it must be made sure that username is the profile name only rather than pasting the whole URL. For example, if you would like to view stories of Instagram that have been posted in the present day then people would simply add Instagram in the above box (and not write @Instagram or the full link) and thus enter is pressed on the keyboard.

Insta Story Viewer

Step 2: When everything goes smoothly, you are directed to the result page with all the stories of the user for 24 hours in the past. You can either view them online or directly download them to your PC!

Order of views on Instagram Story:

Views of Instagram stories are maintained in chronological order. The person who has viewed your profile most is found out on the basis of who has tapped to visit your profile first. The ranking is also given based on who are the users who have liked the same page whether or not they have viewed your profile. Instagram does not show to the users who have viewed their profile. We get to know about users who viewed your profile with the help of the Instagram Story Viewer app. For better visuality, you can enable dark mode on Instagram.

Various Theories Based on Viewing of Instagram Stories:

1. The Staking theory

There are many theories that float around on the internet. An experiment was first made by a Reddit user who said that this is a thread that is made of top people who stalk your Instagram most of the time. These stalkers don’t need to get engaged to your content through likes and dislikes nor with comments as long as they visit the content of your account frequently they will appear at first in the viewer’s list. Many people think that viewers’ order is in chronological order for the first 50 viewers, the order of viewers will show who first tapped to view your story. As soon as it crosses 50 viewers, there will be a change in the algorithm.

2. After 50 viewers

It is supposed that when the top 50 people viewed your story, the order is ranked by one who makes interaction with your profile mostly via comments, page views, story views, likes, DM, etc.

According to this algorithm, page views are also given importance. You might be wondering how friends with whom you have no contact and who do not even see your post keeps appearing at the top of the list because they have views of the same page in common.

Algorithm Behind who Views Your Story on Instagram

One must face it that, Instagram stories are stalked. It has been a long time since this app is first released. In 2017, Instagram was compared with Snapchat and slowly Instagram took all the audiences of Snapchat and its users have exceeded 300 million users per day. Thus it is almost the entire population of the United States. In June 2016, heavy emphasis is placed on a platform for showing people more of what they want to see. In past it was chronological, but users are seeing more posts by people who are interacting most with their posted content. When one wants to know how Instagram stories are placed at top of the app, then one may find it is based on how data is taken from Facebook and Insta.

Algorithm Behind Who Viewed Insta Story

URL is entered for receiving media files from and the download button is hit. It is truly all that is needed. You will not be asked to complete a survey before using the app. You will also not be asked to pay any amount of money in order to use a video of Instagram to mp3 downloader. When your profile is visited you will notice that there are many accounts that are similar to you where you are unable to download any of these pictures. It does not matter how much you click on your computer or press any button for a long time on your Smartphone, the popup menu will stop you to download any photo or video from this platform.

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