Where do you ship to?
We ship worldwide! For free!
What is the print quality like?
We use high quality laser printers, so pretty high! The print quality does depend upon the quality of your Instagram photos aswell. A sharper more vibrant Instagram photo will come out clearer than a blurry photo of your friends pet cat.
How many Picattoos are in a pack?
Each pack of Picattoos contains 12 temporary tattoos.
Can I print other people's Instagram pictures?
You can choose to print the photos from your followers photos to create a special gift for someone. If you’re not following a user then you cannot print their photos
Can I print other people's Facebook pictures?
You can not print other people’s Facebook pictures right now
Who is behind Picattoo?
Picattoo is brought to you by the team at INK361.com. INK361.com is one of the worlds largest and most popular Instagram viewers and offers many features that Instagram does not.
How long does a Picattoo last?
It depends how you treat it! If you scratch it off with rusty nails, not very long. Plus you may get ill. Our highly scientific temporary tattoo trials have shown an average lifetime of about 7 days, though if you treat it carefully it can last much longer.