Top 15 Most Followed People on Snapchat [2021]

In recent years, the world of social media has seen numerous changes. With new platforms trying to enter the scene, the race for the top is a difficult one. Snapchat, released in 2011, is one of the top competitors in the field. The app allows you to send disappearing messages, apply filters to photos, and much more. Naturally, Snapchat has become a popular app among celebrities. It will enable them to share pictures and videos with their fans.

Most Followed People on Snapchat

As Snapchat gets more popular, we have seen more and more celebrities and influencers trying to make full use of it. Here’s a list of the top accounts on Snapchat for you to get some hands-on entertainment.

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List Of 10+ Most Followed People on Snapchat

Here we have listed the most followed people on Snapchat. Let’s dive in.

1. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

We all know Kylie’s vast influence over Instagram with her massive following. But this 23-year-old influencer and businesswoman has also made it big on Snapchat. She frequently promotes her beauty brands Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Beauty on her account. Kylie shares her outfits, makeup, her latest promotions, and behind the scenes from her lush world. We even get to see adorable moments of her daughter, Stormi, and her holidays and recipes. Kylie even does question-and-answer sessions with her fans over her account.

2. Kim Kardashian

  • Snapchat ID – @kimkardashian
  • Subscribers: 26.9 million subscribers

Kim Kardashian

Like her sister Kylie, Kim has a huge fan following and influencing the beauty industry. She set foot in the industry with her beauty and fragrance brand KKW. Kim makes sure to share loads of selfies with her fans to keep them up to date with all her buzz. She uploads cute pictures and videos of her kids, workout sessions, and meals. And she makes sure to promote her work through her Snapchat account.

3. DJ Khaled

  • Snapchat ID – @djkhaled305
  • Subscribers: 13.5 million subscribers

DJ Khaled

Khaled’s account is just as vibrant as his music and personality. We get to see his work in the process as a record producer and even inspirational messages that he puts out for his fans. He shares some hilarious content and even exciting pictures and videos of him living the Miami life. In an interview with BBC Radio, Khaled shares how Snapchat helped him push through a challenging phase in his life. He shared his story of how Snapchat helped him gain a more significant following and helped his fame rise. He says, “Being authentic always wins,” which brought his fans to him.

4. Ariana Grande

  • Snapchat ID – @moonlightbae
  • Subscribers: 12.5 million subscribers

Ariana Grande

The singer/songwriter has a considerable fanbase, showing their love to her through social media. Grande has become a big name in the music industry. She holds the title of one of ‘Times top 100 most influential people in 2019. Ariana can undoubtedly be seen topping charts and breaking records and winning awards with her music. She shares her tour videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and videos of her singing and enjoying with her brother, Frankie. We even see her selfies and inspiring words she shares with her fans.

5. Loren Gray

  • Snapchat ID – @loren
  • Subscribers: 10.4 million subscribers

Loren Gray

The young American influencer began her journey on the app. She eventually gained a huge fan following on social media. Currently, Loren is a singer signed with Virgin Records and Capitol records. Standing true to her title of being a social media influencer, she shares pictures of her outfits, and makeup looks on her Snapchat along with loads of selfies. Loren even shares snippets of her songs and other promotional details to keep her fans updated.

6. Gigi Hadid

  • Snapchat ID – itsgigihadid
  • Subscribers: 7.2 million subscribers

Gigi Hadid

Hadid is one of the world’s top models today, which makes her a big name in the fashion industry. She always has something going on and shares it with her fans on social media. From being a powerful celebrity herself, she even accompanies stars like Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and, not to forget, Zayn Malik. Gigi has been quite active on Snapchat, sharing behind the scenes from photoshoots and runways to photos of her traveling and hanging out with her friends and family. She posts adorable pictures with Zayn Malik and her newborn daughter, Khai.

7. Bella Thorne

  • Snapchat ID – @bellathornedab
  • Subscribers: 6.1 million subscribers

Bella Thorne

This star began her Disney journey and rose to fame later through social media. Her fans love Bella Thorne for her bold and creative outlook. She is quite active on Snapchat, sharing her makeup looks, outfits, trips with friends, and not forgetting the selfies. She also uses Snapchat to share silly little videos and pictures, expressing who Bella Thorne is.

8. Calvin Harris

  • Snapchat ID – @calvinharris
  • Subscribers: 3.3 million subscribers

Calvin Harris

The Scottish DJ is famous worldwide for his catchy beats and grand collaborations. As a music producer, you get to see him working behind the scenes. Sometimes he even lets in on celebrity cameos and snippets of his upcoming music. But that’s not all. Harris shares his lifestyle, workouts, and spam of selfies with his fans. However, the one thing that makes him so popular on Snapchat is his hilarious selfies and videos. Harris doesn’t shy away from the filters, there’s always something exciting upon his account.

9. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

The former First Lady of the USA has a noticeable influence over people of all ages and countries. She is a philanthropist and has done commendable work advocating various causes. She announced her arrival on Snapchat in 2016. This was to promote the campaign

for the education of young girls, “Let Girls Learn,” among the youngest. We see her with other influential personalities and her pictures with her family.

10. Bella Hadid

  • Snapchat ID – @babybels777
  • Subscribers: 2.4 million subscribers

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid has been a popular name in the fashion industry. Her modeling career always leaves the fans in awe. Bella’s social media presence helps her promote her image of being a trendsetter and favorite among fashion lovers. Bella and her sister Gigi never fail to provide their glamorous selfies to fans. Being an ambassador of Dior Cosmetics, Bella frequently shares her makeup looks and behind the scenes in the industry. She even shares her videos and photos from her extravagant trips.

11. Jared Leto

  • Snapchat ID – @jaredleto
  • Subscribers: 2.0 million subscribers

Jared Leto

This actor and musician are known for his eccentric personality. He is famous for his work in movies like Suicide Squad, Dallas Buyers Club, American Psycho, and Blade Runner 2049. He is a part of the band—Thirty Seconds to Mars. Although Leto might not come off as a massive personality over social media, his fans enjoy his content. He does not shy away from using filters on Snapchat. Leto shares funny little clips and selfies from his everyday life. And his love for filters gives fans some silly narrow content to enjoy.

12. DJ Snake

  • Snapchat ID – @djsnake
  • Subscribers: 898K subscribers

DJ Snake

This French DJ is trendy for his hits like ‘Lean on’ and ‘Turn down for What.’ DJ Snake or William Sami Étienne Grigahcine has worked with big names like Diplo and Lady Gaga. He has an enthusiastic fanbase, always looking forward to his new work. He uses his Snapchat account to share glimpses of his tour. We get to see him enjoy parties and events and share all updates on his music and life.

13. Kaitlyn Bristowe

  • Snapchat ID – @snapbackbean
  • Subscribers: 655K subscribers

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Best known for her appearance on ABC’s The Bachelor, she has a dedicated fan following social media. Bristowe even has her podcast titled ‘Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe.’ She actively uses Snapchat to share hilarious content with her followers. We get to know her upcoming work. Kaitlyn shares a fair amount of selfies with cool filters and stories about everyday life, like traveling and karaoke battles.

14. Spencer Pratt

  • Snapchat ID – @prattspencer
  • Subscribers: 612K subscribers

Spencer Pratt

You might recognize him from his appearance on the American pseudo-reality show The Hills. Pratt has an obsession with crystals that he makes sure everyone knows. He even sells them online and has a YouTube series called “Spencer Pratt Will Heal You.” He enjoys reading and reviewing tabloids for his fans on Snapchat. He now has a new obsession with hummingbirds, which we now see in his Snapchat stories. Spencer and his wife Heidi together share hilarious content on his account. We see them dancing and enjoying themselves with their child and dog.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to interact on Snapchat?

To add friends on Snapchat: Search them through their username or use the Snapcode ( a unique QR code-like sticker). You can allow Snapchat to access your contacts and find them by tapping your Snapchat avatar, then tapping “Find friends on Snapchat” to sync your contacts. Snapchat will even suggest you, other users, based on mutual friends.

Can I send messages to the celebrities on Snapchat?

Once you have added the celebrity as a friend, you can send them texts, videos, and photos through chats. But keep in mind that stars set their account to receive only private messages. Hence they will probably not open your conversation. However, sometimes celebrities host Q&A sessions for their fans. This is when there are possibilities of them opening your chat if you get lucky.

Who is the most popular Snapchat user?

Kylie Jenner has got to be the most popular Snapchat user. She has had a consistent fan following for years, and her fans continue to show her love on the app. Being a social media star, it’s no doubt that she has a massive influence on Snapchat too.

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And that wraps up our list of most-followed accounts on Snapchat 2021. Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media apps globally, with millions of users. With its easy-to-use interface, you can interact with people quickly. Which snap chatter are you into? Let us know in the comments section below.

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