Top 10 Instagram Fitness Models To Follow [2021]

“Stay healthy, stay fit”, apparently this health mantra is followed by millions of people across the globe. Social influencers contribute a pivotal part to our daily lives, and due to the influx of social media platforms, our motivation is rising day by day. Instagram is such a platform where fitness goals are presented by various strong personalities.  Back in the ’80s & ’90s, we used to watch fitness videos on television sets, but time changes and so our acceptance.

Top Instagram Fitness Model

Instagram is filled with hundreds of fitness influencers, but you don’t want to follow each one of them, right? Come Instagrammers; let’s make your choice more simplistic than ever.

Top 10+ Trending Fitness Model on Instagram

Fitness is now not a mere personal workout anymore. Fitness workout has now turned into a professional activity and top trending fitness models on Instagram are earning a huge lot of fan praise and fame. Fitness models across the world are now engaging more and more followers because they look super sassy, hot, elegant, and chic.

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1. Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray

This 23-year old from Colorado, US, is booming her Instagram profile with more than 24 million followers. At the age of 15, she decided to follow her family tradition and started to lift weights. She won the Bikini teen and Bikini class D from Colorado state championships. Back in 2016, Sommer Ray started to document her fitness tip and journey, she posted videos and photographs of her fitness lifestyle and within a year or so she became an internet sensation.

2. Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin

Born and brought up in Venezuela, Michelle started her career as a Playboy cover model. She loves Bikini modeling and spending time working out in the gym. She weighs from 95lb to 125lb. She claims that her workout is a crucial part of her life. Michelle shares her workout images and videos hoping to inspire and motivate other women as well.

3. Kayla Itsines

  • Instagram ID: @kayla_Itsines
  • Followers: 12.8 million

Kayla Itsines

Kayla is a 27-year-old personal trainer from Australia, apart from being a fitness trainer she is an author and entrepreneur. Kayla is immensely popular on Facebook and Instagram, she is probably known for her super sexy bikini body guides that are a series of eBooks on meal plans and aerobic exercises. She organized some of her transformation photos on Instagram and within a few months, she had thousands of followers.

4. Ana Cheri

  • Instagram ID: @anacheri
  • Followers: 12.6 million

Ana Cheri

Ana’s career is a bit different from the rest of the other fitness models because she began to post fitness images and videos before becoming a professional fitness model. This 32-year-old from Southern California rocked social media with her fitness tips and soon her modeling career pumped up. Ana Cheri got noticed by various local sports brands and was approached by them. Ana appeared at cover posters of brands like Punch Magazine, Toyo Tires. She is named by Chive as “Queen of Instagram”

5. Jen Selter

  • Instagram ID: @jenselter
  • Followers: 12.5 million

Jen Selter

This 25-year-old American fitness model is known for her extreme fitness modeling all over social media. Born in New York in 1993, Jen grew up giving importance to an active lifestyle. At the age of 15, she had well-toned abs and glutes. During her early days, Jen posted a bikini picture on the internet and it went viral like anything and Jen became an overnight sensation. Jen appeared at various television fitness shows as a fitness model. She even endorses various fitness brands and eventually trending on Instagram among top fitness models.

6. Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra

Hailing from Colombia, this 25-year-old is a bodybuilder and fitness model enthusiast. Initially, she started her career as a professional model, until she met a personal trainer at the gym that changed Anllela’s goals completely. She moved her choice of interest to fitness and adopted new styles of training her body. Anllela opted out from her traditional modeling career for a new transformation. She has massive Instagram followers; she shares her workout experiences through videos and pictures. In 2017, it has been estimated that Anllela earned $800,000 from fitness modeling and sponsored posts.

7. Ulisses Jr

  • Instagram ID: @ulissesworld
  • Followers: 8.2 million

Ulisses Jr

One of the youngest fitness models and trainers, Ulisses dreams of having a perfect spirited body throughout his life. He gives massive rigorous training efforts into his gym every day. He has made a trademark of 8 pack abs at a younger age. Ulisses first significant success came after winning the 2000 platinum classic title. In 2013, Ulisses changed his career goals and became a fitness coach, ideating to help other aspiring fitness models achieving their fitness dreams. Being the only male model on this list, Ulisses is a sensational Instagram throb.

8. Eva Andressa

  • Instagram ID: @eva_andressa
  • Followers: 6 million

Eva Andressa

This beautiful lady from Brazil once considered herself to be a skinny girl but after visiting the gym regularly, Eva transformed herself into a thick toned figure. She participated in numerous championship titles and continued to win many prestigious shows. After retiring from active championships Eva forwarded her career goals to become a fitness model. Exposing herself to numerous media platforms she gained a decent response from her Instagram account that covers more than 5 million people.

9. Izabel Goulart

  • Instagram ID: @izabelgoulart
  • Followers: 4.6 million

Izabel Goulart

She is a Brazilian supermodel and an avid fitness freak. Izabel walked the ramp for Victoria’s Secret Fashion shows from 2005-2016. She is known for her intense workout videos from Pilates to boxing. Using her hashtag #BodybyIza she shares her everyday workout videos on Instagram.

10. Julia Gilas

  • Instagram ID: @juliagilas
  • Followers: 4.4 million

Julia Gilas

Julia is a personal trainer and fitness model hailing from Ukrainian. She relocated to the USA in the year 2009 at the age of 24 to actively carry out her modeling career. However, Julia later found that extensive traveling is leading to various health hazards. She decided to change her motivational goals, and move to fitness modeling. Currently, at the age of 34, she continues to influence amateur fitness trainers.

11. Sapna Vyas

  • Instagram ID: @coachsapna
  • Followers: 1.7 Million

Sapna Vyas

Last but not least Sapna Vyas Patel from India. She’s a Certified Fitness Professional and a student of PhD in Nutritional Science and Dietary. She was born on 10th November 1989. 

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