Tiktok vs Instagram Reels – Which One You Love The Most?

Ever since Instagram came with its new update, the internet is flooded with Instagram Reels vs TikTok. Critics have said Instagram Reels to be a ‘copy’ of TikTok, but how much of this is true? Well, if you are curious to know the differences between TikTok and Instagram Reels, you have landed on the correct page.

Tiktok vs Instagram Reels

In this article, we have compared Instagram reels with Tiktok and summarized everything that you need to know about it. By the end of this article, you can understand which platform is better for your content.

Tiktok vs Instagram Reels – Overview

Before we dive into our in-depth comparison between the two, let us go through a quick overview of Reels and TikTok.

1. TikTok

Tiktok is just another social media platform that rose to fame in 2018. It lets you create short lip sync videos and talent base content; you can clip a few videos, edit them well, and put them out.


It doesn’t matter how popular you are; your video can go viral with zero followers. That’s how each video work. If your content gets liked by even a small portion of people, chances are your video will go viral.

2. Instagram reels

Instagram reels are the new Instagram update that lets you make 15-30 seconds clips and add background music to it, and share it on the platform itself. You can dit the clip the way you want and either put it on the story or the feed. Like the separate igtv section, now reels have their own explore page.

Instagram reels

The best part about Instagram reels is that you don’t need any separate editing apps, which is even better if you’re trying your luck with videos and editing.

Tiktok vs Instagram Reels: Editing Tools and Features

Although the editing tools may come across as similar, it still differs. Where Tiktok has top-notch filters with series of templates, effects, and whatnot, Instagram reels, on the other hand, have many limited filters.

Tiktok vs Instagram- Features

Another editing tool that TikTok has is special voiceovers. Instagram reels don’t provide any special effects to the audio; max to max, the user can insert their sound while editing the Reel. Another cool feature that TikTok has its duet, reaction, and even the Stitch features.

Tiktok vs Instagram Reels: Video Length

Video length is crucial when you are posting an introductory video. If you want to post an informative video, you may need a platform that lets you post longer videos. Similarly, if you need to post a regular video, a shorter video length may seem like a good idea.

Tiktok vs Instagram Reels: Video Length

People mostly prefer Tiktok due to its up to 60 seconds timestamp, making the recording process a lot more fun, interactive, and just perfect. On the other, Instagram reels let you record for up to 30 seconds, which sometimes can be frustrating, as you need to fit in your already recorded video in that tiny space.

Tiktok vs Instagram Reels: Analytics

In terms of analytics, TikTok is doing much better as it provides its users with content that is doing well. So, the kind of videos you see in your feed are either too popular or newly catching fire. However, Instagram reels lack this thing. The kind of content that you stumble upon in your feed is mostly similar to the content that you’ve been interacting with the most.

Tiktok vs Instagram Reels: Music options

Tiktok quickly leads in this department with its giant collection of music, as you can even use original sounds of other users and make videos a lot more fun.

Tiktok vs Instagram Reels - Music options

On the other hand, firstly, Instagram doesn’t provide much music collection, and if they do, then half of them don’t play in your country and let’s say if it still does, then the business profile glitch comes in a way. Instagram doesn’t allow Business account users to add any other sound to their reels apart from the original ones.

Tiktok vs Instagram Reels: Content and demographics

Instagram is a network-based community, while Tiktok is more inclined towards the content; that implies that the content that would surface on the feed of Instagram users would mostly be of their loved ones or profiles of people they have interacted the most with.

On the other hand, Tiktok users will be exposed to random content concerning their previous engagement. The demographics state that Instagram reels are more focused on views than that of sharing, commenting, or likes; because of this, the videos’ views are positively way higher than that of other things. While on Tiktok, the sharing is a lot more metric than that of Instagram’s.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Instagram Reels the same as TikTok?

Instagram reels fail to beat the originality and lack some features, so no, Instagram reels are not entirely similar to Tiktok.

Where do I post my content for a better audience -Reels or TikTok?

The Instagram reel is a network-based platform, so if you want to grow your audience, then instead post the content on reels.

How do I know which Instagram video is a Reel video?

The video will be up to 30 seconds or less, and you may have stumbled upon it on the Reel explore page.

How to find reels of a specific person?

To find the specific person’s reels, go on their profile page and tap on their reel section.

Why is Reel not available in my country?

Instead of jumping to the conclusion, first, check if your Instagram is indeed updated for you to access reels; because it is doubtful for that to happen.

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Instagram reels are just another rip-off of Tiktok, as it doesn’t have much original content. However, both platforms stand best at their place and provide exceptional features to post your videos. Picking the ‘best’ platform depends solely on you and your purpose. Depending on your needs, you can choose either of them.

In the article above, we have compared these two, straight from their features, to the music options, video length, demographics, content, and editing tools. We have covered everything that you need to know about them.

We hope you found our TikTok vs Instagram Reels article helpful. Over to you, which platform are you picking? Let us know in the comments section below.

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