How to Delete Your Instagram Account?

We all once get the thought of deleting our Instagram account. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet currently. Users from all around the world are on the app. It is increasingly becoming more diverse for users. You can easily delete the Instagram account without any hassles. If you are thinking about this, then there are probably some reasons behind the same. It is quite often that social media can be toxic for your use. Many people quit on social media because of the sterile environment it brings for you. In this guide, we will take a look at how to delete your Instagram account.

Are you sure about deleting your Instagram account?

How to Delete Instagram Account

The decision to delete Instagram accounts is permanent. There is no going back from a deleted Instagram account. Users will permanently lose the username and all the followers. It requires a lot of time and effort to build your online presence. You can start from scratch again but never get the old account back. If you are choosing this option, then there is no recovery option for your use. Overall it seems like an extreme option. The current generation of Instagram users needs social media breaks.

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What to do if you want to take a break from social media?

If you want to take a break from your social media, you can consider putting your account on hold. The disabled Instagram option is useful for people who want to take a break. It will temporarily stop people from finding you online. It will keep your account up and running. Your followers will not be able to check your online presence. All your Instagram messages, posts, and stories will be at a halt. People who you talk to regularly will see you as an Instagrammer on the platform. It will show up as a blank profile if someone searches your username.

How to Delete Instagram accounts?

Users who choose to delete the Instagram account can follow the guide given below. It is crucial to note that all of your messages, photos, usernames, and archives will be gone forever. Here are the steps that you can utilize.

  • The Instagram app does not let you directly delete your account. Users have to visit a specific web page that starts the process. You can click on this link. It will make sure that you can permanently delete your account.
  • Users have to log in to the website to take a look at the website. You must enter your details correctly so you can proceed further.
    login instagram
  • Now, you have to select the reason you want to delete the account. It is a necessity so that Instagram can work on making the platform better. The website wants to reduce the number of account deletions.
    Re-enter your password for Instagram delete option
  • Users have to confirm the account deletion by re-entering the password on the website. It will finally completely delete your account.

Now that you have confirmed your account’s deletion, it becomes a responsibility for Instagram to permanently delete your personal information. The information gets deleted within 30 days for your use.

Why delete your Instagram account?

The difference between real and virtual lives is becoming increasingly blurred. You meet new people regularly over the internet these days. It is a common occurrence that might lead to issues with your lifestyle and mental health. It is often important to prioritize your mental health. In this section, we will take a look at how to avoid toxic environments on social media.

1. Unfollow people

We often don’t realize that the people in our stories and feed play a huge role in our lives. A small triggering story or a post can ruin your entire day. It is crucial to understand that we should not let other people decide our mood or health. You can unfollow people who are not good with their content. You can also try notifying the other person about the same if they are close to you.

2. Take a break from Instagram

In 2020, we saw many people taking social media detox breaks. It was a whole wave of people going off of social media to focus on their mental health. The trend is especially true for the young generation. People who spend too much time on their phones were also seen doing the same. You can disable your account and reconnect with yourself. Following spiritual practices can be quite beneficial for your use.

3. Talk to your loved ones

It is the people and memories which make a place perfect. We need to take care of our virtual space as well. You can connect more with the people who make your life a little bit better. It does not have to be someone that you meet every day. Our generation has found it quite simple to make friends online. Our personalities do all the talking for us. It is important to connect with like-minded individuals over the platform.

How to Disable your Instagram account?

Now that you know about deleting your Instagram account, I think you should also consider disabling the account. Users must have a look at the alternative. Here are the steps that you can follow to disable your Instagram. It is quite similar to the Instagram deletion process. Users have to visit the website on their devices to start.

  • The users have to start by visiting the Instagram website on their computer. You can select the profile option and then visit settings. Visit –
    Instagram settings
  • Once you visit the profile settings, here you will find the option to disable your account temporarily. Select the option and wait for Instagram to process your request.
    Instagram profile settings
  • There are multiple reasons why you can temporarily disable your Instagram account. You must provide Instagram one to make sure they offer a better user experience. Some people do it to take a break from the platform.
    Temporarily delete Instagram account
  • Users can confirm the process by re-entering their passwords on the platform. Click on the temporarily disable my account. After doing this last step, you can easily disable the Instagram account.

You can log back into your account at any given time to reactivate. It is a simple and temporary fix for those who want to take a quick offline hiatus. Once the Instagram account is of your followers will not be able to see your online status.

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Instagram is a major social media platform with tons of benefits. There are tons of reasons behind deleting an Instagram account. If we go into details, then it is going to take up a lot of time. In this article, we try to cover some of the important bases that you can follow. We hope the guide was helpful for your use.

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